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Joey Richter did ADR for Maze Runner, look for his name in the credits!!!
God im so proud of him.


Joey Richter did ADR for Maze Runner, look for his name in the credits!!!

God im so proud of him.

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'you are the part of me that makes me better wherever i go'

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I’m pretty sure this photo has been going around Tumblr already but I’m going to post them again since they’re my photos :) So my friend and I ran into Darren, Joey, Brian and Mia at the Simpsons take the bowl concert and it was seriously the greatest moment or my entire life because Darren is my idol and I love him so much and Joey recognised me and Juliana from Starkid Summer Season (my other friend and I went every night for almost 3 weeks) and Brian recognised us from LeakyCon (he tweeted a picture of the back of Juliana’s head as Quirrell) Mia took the picture of us cause Darren just handed her the camera to take it and I would have asked her to be in it too but I was kinda freaking out about Darren being right there! He was so nice and I gave him a bracelet that my friend and I had made to give to all the Starkids on behalf of the Aussie fans and he was so surprised that i’d just been carrying it around with me in case I met him. Juliana told him that it was a dream of hers to hold hands with him and jump around in a circle and he did it and it was so adorable! Then he had to go and we were walking behind them out to the parking lot and Mia and Darren were holding hands and being all cute and sweet :) I will never ever forget this moment. EVER!

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Starkid Challenge ✩ [9/10] Starkids:

Brian Holden

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The Very Potter Seamus Finnigan is a perfect representation of your average british teenager.

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I don’t wanna see you go, but it’s not forever, not forever. Even if it was you know that I would never let it get me down. ‘Cause you’re the part of me that makes me better, wherever I go. So I will try not to cry, but no one needs to say goodbye.

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I’m so much more than Status Quo.

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"I don’t associate Darren with what I see on TV or magazines. It’s bizarre! It’s bizarre to see your friend, you know, in the lime light like that because to us he’s just our friend.”

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