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Boukun Update: Arc 7 Epilogue

I’m thinking that this is the last chapter of Koisuru Boukun.

I can’t even…

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the rumored extra bonus chapters from Takanaga-sensei. Please be kind to the fans and give us more. 


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Maid-sama update: Chapter 64

An update! Finally! We didn’t get anything last September so go and thank them all at http://potato-otaku.blogspot.com/

Well, well, well. The photo says it all, doesn’t it? We’re going to be seeing less of Usui at Seika and more of him with the bastards at Miyabigaoka. I personally hate the lot (you’ll see in this chapter; for an elite school, they sure look like bastards).

Anyhoo, Usui is still the MAN and Misaki is still his.

Yeah. Go and blush Misaki, it’s free. :”> I can’t wait for the Miyabigaoka arc! Finally, something worthwhile will happen, there’s too much romance and no “action/plot” lately. So yeah. ^_^ Can’t wait!

Go and download chapter 64. It’s available at Potato-Otaku’s blog. Don’t forget to say thanks! :P 

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I’m in love…

…then I realize, he’s a fictional character.

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Why is it that everytime I convince myself that you’ve got a lot of flaws, you end up doing something incredibly amazing and I end up liking you so much more?

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Maid-sama update: Chapter 63

Everything is chaotic at Seika High and it’s because of Usui and Misaki!!!! Hahaha. 

Ahhhhh. “Young love” - Rita Skeeter.

Nothing special about this but the chapter will definitely make you smile because of all their antics. They are very much in love. <3 <3 Sigh.

Head to Potato-Otaku’s blog and download it now! ^_^ Don’t forget to thank them for an early realease!! <3

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6 Months
Hey Monday (0)

Just to match my mood.

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Maid-sama update: Chapter 62

Alright everyone, Chapter 62 is out! 

Preview page:

awwwww. That’s just too sweet of Ayuzawa. At least now, she doesn’t want to hide that she’s going out with Usui. <3

Anyway, great chapter again, as usual. :”> Everything’s cleared up now. ^_^ I’m feeling bad for Hinata though but the love I feel for Usui and Misaki are too overwhelming that I actually forgot about Hinata for a moment there. LOL.

This is LOVE.

Please go check it out at Potato-Otaku’s website! It’s there and waiting for you to download it! ^_^ Don’t forget to thank them for the lovely chapter! ^_^

Alrightie! Now I need to sleep. I haven’t had a decent sleep for weeks. This update made my day! ^_^ Goodnight!

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Half of My Heart (with Taylor Swift)
John Mayer - Pop Stars.2010 (0)


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Cliffhangers are annoying. :))

A ‘Kyou’ chapter came out yesterday and I’m annoyed. :)) I want to know what happens next please! :)) HAHAHA! 

Anyway, here’s a page from the chapter

LOL. :)) I love the side comment. (literally it’s lemon-san’s comment on the side of the page. LOL.) HAHAHA.

Well then, what are you waiting for? Head over to Sporadic Scanlations and be sure to thank lemon-san for a great chapter! :)))

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Finally!!!! ^_^

Boukun volume 8 chapter 11 is here! I still haven’t finished it yet but I can’t stop myself from posting this page..

See? SEE?! Can everyone see that or is it just my hallucination? :)) Haha! You guys should just go and read this chapter!! HURRY!!! :))

Souichi-kun.. :”> :”> :”> That’s a bit…not like you, isn’t it? But whatever, I LOVE IT. :))