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what if 

the whole “mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all” thing was created so that

little girls would do it in the mirror and

when their reflection didn’t change they’d see how beautiful they are

that is the most beautiful thing i have read all week

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he is actually the cutest thing though


he is actually the cutest thing though

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“I think everyone has a cool crush on Heather Morris simply because she’s so amazing at everything she does. She’s the one-line mistress and she also is just a fantastic dancer and everyone just wants to hang out with her and be her basically. And by that, I mean me…we all just adore her because she’s so talented and very, very humble and just a very wonderful person.”

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starkid takes europe » part 1

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My Favorite thing about the relationship that I get to have on the show, is Blaine with Kurt, is that i think a lot of the fans have gravitated towards their relationship not so much because it is a young gay relationship so much as because it is a really likeable relationship between two people that are clearly really attracted to each other and there is a lot of positivity there.
— Darren Criss on Strombo (via imgettingawholecheesecake)

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Pink was scheduled to sing for [Obama]. And she unfortunately got some kind of stomach flu or something, so she was in the hospital. And I was kind of flabbergasted, ‘cause I was like, what kind of Rolodex do they have in the White House where they’re like, OK, ‘Pink…what’s next? DARREN.
— Darren on singing for Obama [x] (via darrencriss-news)

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Darren on meeting Obama.