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sigh im so concerned about my future at the moment.

im officially graduating next week and i dont know what im gonna do after that. what job im going to apply for, where im going to apply, what i want to do.

i just…it’s hard, man. it’s stressing me out.

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Watching the RT Podcast from last week and I gotta agree with Gavin, that first dude cast as Daario Naharis was very toothy. Didn’t like him either. Haahaha

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just discovered all the hate and negativity of another fandom

oops, guess i dug too deep. let me go back to the top ;)

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holy shit this Goat Simulator LP’s extra entertaining because Gavin’s so drunk hahahaha

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hello i need a gif set of the recent Things to do in GTA V

i cant breathe

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okay let me just say this

if i fucking hear another song from Frozen i will throw a fucking fit and punch the person nearest to me i s2g

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I’m all over the place this morning like what

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why is Ryan so dreamy though? Ryan the dreamy guy

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but mostly ice cream

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Gavin’s heist though hahahaha