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I’m so torn -_- I just came back from a job interview and I asked their working hours. It’s Mondays to Saturdays, 8-5pm. I’m torn because the Japanese class that I’m enrolling on January is on Saturdays 11-2pm or 2-4pm, so I don’t think I can have it.

Just…ugh, priorities :( I hope another job with normal working hours comes my way soon :(

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The Japanese student that im talking to right now sounds like Ohno. HAHAHA

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playing Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune again. Missed this game.

Definitely sucks the thing about the grenades tho haha

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You know what gets me?

Emma said "Hook" during her conversation with Snow but he’s "Killian" once they were alone in the forest


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So Merlin’s gotta be the writer of the book, right? I mean, what with Rumple finding Mickey’s hat and all that.

I guess, OUAT’s going full Disney this season.

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cant get enough og Hook’s puppy face and his

"I don’t know what that is but sure" <3 <3 PLEASE

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playing games again! yahooooo

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my internet connection is a piece of shit

im pissed off beyond words