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Mulan!AU To save his father from death in the army, a young man secretly goes in his place. He meets captain Kurt Hummel, the youngest recruit son of commander Burt, and becomes a great hero in the process. (inspired by )

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Klaine AU | Blaine Anderson is the best fencer of his age, but Kurt Hummel thinks the title should belong to him. After telling this to everyone, Blaine confronts him about the rumours that says that Kurt is better than him, so they end up trying to decide who should have the title.

Blaine loses the competition, but thinks Kurt was unfair in some of his moves, though no one sees it his way. (Later they try and work out their frustration in the locker room’s shower.)

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Headcanon time (because I was hit by feels last night): after their first time in the shower, it becomes a habit, a weekly meeting to get rid of the tension between them. They have a fencing duel every week, there’s a board with their names and how many times they’ve won, people are betting on them. They both want to win the title and with that the scholarship/opportunity to go to the championship/whatever, so they do everything to be the best at the end.

And they have the hottest sex in the showers and in the locker room, and sometimes they meet up late at night to practice, and after that they continue it in the showers, and somehow they stop hating each other, but they still keep up the front for everyone to see. As the last duel is coming up, and they have the same number of wins, they know that’s gonna be what decides their future.

It’s their last night fooling around, and Kurt kinda tells Blaine that he won’t hold back next day, even though it was fun doing this, he’s gonna win, it doesn’t matter what happened. So they have a fight, and both leave the gym while hurting and being kinda heart broken. They don’t want to acknowledge the fact that they are in love, they are both too proud.

So the last duel comes the next day, and in the end Blaine wins, because Kurt decided to give up on the title, because Blaine’s been working for it for such a long time and he deserves it, so Kurt plays really badly to lose. Later that night he visits Blaine in the gym where he’s working out/practicing, and tells him he did it because he kinda fell in love with him, and wanted the best for him, that the title is really not worth anything if he can’t get Blaine in the end. And feels and tears and kisses.

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AU: Blaine and Kurt meet at comic con in Seattle. Blaine is from Italy and he’s at comic con every year for the Doctor Who panel. Kurt on the other hand is french and it’s his first time so he’s just exploring. They end up having a coffee and chatting, but time is cruel and they will have to separate soon to live their own lives in two different countries… (proprio quello che pensavo means that’s what I thought - grazie iole for translating!) italian!blaine, french!kurt; this one is for yesim ♥ (write a ff)

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KLAINE FUTURE AU’s:  Kurt supporting his husband’s journey on his broadway dreams and Blaine acknowledge him back on night of his broadway debut.

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Okay you figured it out, what are you going to say when he asks you?

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Klaine AU | jock!Kurt & theater!Blaine #2

happy birthday Tames darling ♥

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Hummel-Anderson Family AU’s: Yeah I think in the future Kurt is gonna be the overprotective while Blaine will be the spoiler to their kids.

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if these are your gifs please inbox me and i will credit you


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AU: In which Blaine doesn’t know he has a twin brother, but the twin knows about Blaine and Kurt. So he decides to flirt with him.

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au in which kurt and blaine are (very) famous youtubers [part 1/more]

It’s actually shameful that I can’t remember the last time I wrote for Sara, I used to do it all the time!! So here is YouTuber!Klaine because I clearly can’t resist a good setting!

So this is like the start of the Klaine YouTube channel. Kurt and Blaine are already established - seperate - YouTubers who have been dating for a few months and their fans are about to find how about them taking a huge step in their relationship and starting their channel together! (And some other big news too!!) No warnings other than me blatantly ignoring twitter’s 140 character rule but shh don’t tell!!

I kind of really loved writing this so if you guys like it and want to see more let me know because I have some ideas that I’d like to try out if you want to see more? But for now, ENJOY!


Kurt is literally clicking the Finish Project button when Blaine pokes his head around the door of the work space, a bright grin on his face. “Last box is empty! Much longer until the video is done?” he asks.

"I just finished editing, actually," Kurt tells him, smiling over his shoulder at his boyfriend and swinging the spinny chair a little. "Want to come watch it with me?"

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