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Fic: Thanksgiving 2012 (1/2)


In which snow happens and Blaine isn’t having any of that. Kind of a WIP. This is the build up. I will write the sex (coughspoilerscough) later tonight. It is not angsty, deep, or even vaguely accurate for an American holiday I know nothing about. But I had feelings so I wrote something wonderfully happy.


Burt doesn’t find the note until just before midday. It’s Thanksgiving and the house is quiet and he and Carole can’t quite decide whether that’s a good thing or not so they lay in bed until they choose not to. Drink coffee and eat toast and let the drone of the television fill the house. Then Carole starts to cook and sing quietly to herself and Burt tries to help but just gets in the way.

He misses the noise. Not just Kurt and Finn but Rachel and Blaine and the random assortment of friends passing through the house on any given day. It’s been so quiet for so long. Burt ends up on the front doorstep, surveying the empty street and wondering when Blaine will show up and it’s only when he looks down that he sees it.

Tearing open the envelope he already knows it’s from Blaine and he’s worried because how can this, after everything, be good. He reads the hurriedly-written note twice to himself and then goes back into the house to read it to Carole.

Dear Burt and Carole,

Don’t get mad. I thought about this a lot last night and it’s the right thing to do. It’s kind of the only thing to do. I’m going to New York, I’ve left early and I’ll be careful and stop if I need to. Don’t tell Kurt. I might not make it all the way tonight and I don’t want him to stress any more than he is. Thank you so much for inviting me over for lunch today even though I’m not really family yet and Kurt’s stuck in New York. I can’t not see him though, not when I’ve been promising myself I would. 

Happy Thanksgiving, we’ll skype you when I arrive,


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The Hobbit Way (A Klaine Week 2012 Special)

Summary: It’s Halloween 10 years later and Blaine’s proposing! With the help of Cooper and his very cooperative friends, Blaine organizes a Lord of the Rings themed Halloween party at his house in Ohio. 

A/N: I just thought about a creative way of proposing. And this is very random. LOL, it’s freakin’ LOTR. HAHA. So here’s to that. Klaine Week 2012 Day 6 entry! Proposal!

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I’m in love…

…then I realize, he’s a fictional character.