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cake gifs

are you fuckin kiddin me like what kinda people just captions this ‘cake gifs’ and walks away this shit fucking put a spell on me i was unable to look away it was wild start to fucking finish that looks like REAL CAKE it looks like i can reach out and have me some god damn cake. damn son

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Guardians of the Galaxy international trailer (x)

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"millions of flower petals erupt from a volcano, covering an entire village"

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Freddie Prinze Jr. as Iron Bull [x]

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I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t think this let’s play would be as funny as it was. This was all I felt like drawing for now, though.

hope this layout makes sense, I made pretty long comics and didn’t want to disrupt your dashboard too much :U

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This is amazing

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Phil Noto ~ Superhero Candids
My favorite is Sue staring at Johnny in the UN Lobby.

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i scrolled past this on my dash twice before i realised this wasn’t actually flynn

wait a minute

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crossover potc + ouat: after milah’s death, hook carved out his own heart to get rid of the pain. three hundred years later, he asks emma for help to get it back.

"You know of Killian Jones? A man of the sea, a great sailor. Until he ran afoul of that which vexes all men. A woman. He fell in love. The pain it caused was too much to live with, but not enough to cause him to die. It was not worth feeling what small, fleeting joy life brings… And so, he carved out his heart, locked it away in a chest, and hid the chest from the world.”