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(I meant to upload these almost a week ago but they’ve been sitting in my drafts instead.)
Some moments from the AH RTX 2014 Intro. that I haven’t seen gif’d that I think should totally be gif’d. 

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So last night, while bored out of my mind attempting to study for exams, I randomly thought to myself “how do cute little dogs see me”

Then I came across this awesome video, that gave me lots more information, and I felt the need to share it with everyone

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no homo. we’re fresh out. we should get a new shipment in on monday

can you check in the back

Ya I guess I could check in the closet hold on a sec

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One of the most influential game developers of all time everyone

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cake gifs

are you fuckin kiddin me like what kinda people just captions this ‘cake gifs’ and walks away this shit fucking put a spell on me i was unable to look away it was wild start to fucking finish that looks like REAL CAKE it looks like i can reach out and have me some god damn cake. damn son

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Guardians of the Galaxy international trailer (x)

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"millions of flower petals erupt from a volcano, covering an entire village"

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Freddie Prinze Jr. as Iron Bull [x]