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Blaine brings Kurt back to McKinley years after graduating to propose to him

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The Hobbit Way (A Klaine Week 2012 Special)

Summary: It’s Halloween 10 years later and Blaine’s proposing! With the help of Cooper and his very cooperative friends, Blaine organizes a Lord of the Rings themed Halloween party at his house in Ohio. 

A/N: I just thought about a creative way of proposing. And this is very random. LOL, it’s freakin’ LOTR. HAHA. So here’s to that. Klaine Week 2012 Day 6 entry! Proposal!

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Chasing Cars (Klaine Week 2012 Day 6: Proposal)

Summary: in which Blaine proposes while Chasing Cars is playing on the background.

Word Count: 387

A/N: Very short and straightforward. For Klaine Week 2012 Day 6: Proposal.

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Chasing Cars
Snow Patrol - Snow Patrol (200)

I heard it earlier today. Sigh.

(all I thought about was making a mini-fic about Klaine. Damn. They’re ruining my life.)