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The Klaine AU game

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Between The Pages (7/?)

Author: SuperCess

Status: WIP

Rating: T

Pairing: Klaine

Summary: People fall in love with fictional characters all the time and Kurt Hummel was no exception. He wants his own romance novel-like prince charming that can sweep him off his feet. But as they say, “be careful what you wish for”.

This is the story of how Kurt Hummel met Blaine Anderson in the most unusual way. A book, a checklist and a happy ending that keeps getting out of reach. 

A/N: Wow! I was gone a long time with this fic. A lot has happened (mainly I graduated college and my laptop died 3 times). Anyway, I’m back on track so here you go, if anyone’s still reading this anyway. :)

It’s on FF.net and S&C!

Previous: Ch.1Ch.2Ch.3Ch.4Ch. 5, Ch.6

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Pleasantville!AU Two friends are sucked into their computer and suddenly find themselves trapped in a television show. Not sure how to get home, they integrate themselves into this “backwards” society and slowly bring some color to this black and white world. But as innocence fades, the two teens begin to wonder if their outlook is really to be preferred.

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Klaine AU (kind of future!klaine) : Famous broadway couple, Kurt and Blaine Hummel-Anderson play “The Newlywed Game”. 

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Klaine alternative meeting AU | #5 | Kurt is just starting out in his new school NYADA, but he really doesn’t know where to start looking for anything, being in this brand new, amazing, and really big place. Fortunately for him, a tour guide named Blaine shows up and helps him out.

[prompt by theinvisibleteen: on the same college tour, though I changed it a little]

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Finn hits a sore spot of Blaine’s…

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AU Meme: Blaine Anderson is an ace reporter by day and a superhero by night, but has he finally met his match in fellow reporter Kurt Hummel? Will Kurt see through his clever disguise?! Can Blaine keep up with the demands of his double life?!! Tune in next week to find out!!!! *cue cheesy theme music*

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Klaine alternative meeting AU | #4 | Kurt is just walking down the street when Blaine stops him and gives him a horrible pick up line. Though Kurt finds it a little creepy first, Blaine apologizes, saying he just panicked. Kurt finds it adorable, and says that they can start over.

[prompt and all the ideas and lines by chatterboxrose]

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Glee Klaine AU Crossover___   Peter Pan (Blaine as Wendy and Kurt as Peter)

“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.”

(Other AUs here)

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fake movie poster | The Night Of The Hunter

Blaine Anderson is a werewolf hunter. All he ever wanted was to catch the beast that killed the only family he’d ever known - his brother, Cooper. Every time the full moon rises he’s out in the wild to take down the mysterious wolf, but the only thing he finds is a scared boy who can’t remember anything, not even his own name.

When Blaine takes the boy home with him, things suddenly turns upside down in his life. Who’s the boy he found in the woods? Why can’t he remember anything? And why does Blaine feel like that the wolf is always just a step ahead of him?