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Day 5: Favorite Starkid Song

My favorite Starkid song is a tie between Not Alone and Stutter. 

So there’s that. :D

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Day 5: something you would change about the world

Well that’s kind of hard.

I’d put back the dinosaurs just because they’re so cool and they’d be the perfect early morning view outside your window. In the morning I’d be like “Moooooom! The argentinosaurus is blocking the sun again!”. That’d be awesome, if not for all the carnivorous killings of the other dinos who eats humans of course.

Nah, just kidding (no I’m not). I’d probably get rid of all the plastics in the world and never let people invent it. But other than that, I won’t change anything else because if we have a perfect world, we can’t move forward. What is happening now has a purpose (maybe) and we’ll just see how it goes. This world is dynamic; changing something will affect everything so I’ll just let nature take its course and hope that I live in the end. :P

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Photographs and Letters (A Klaine Week 2012 Special)

Summary: Kurt was leaving and Blaine can’t take it. It’s up to Kurt’s adorableness and creativity to make sure that Blaine cheers up while he’s gone.

Word Count: 1,010

A/N: For Klaine Week 2012 Day 5! I wrote this in approximately 45 minutes. It just suddenly popped inside my head. Enjoy. :)

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Living the Dream (A Klaine Week 2012 Fic)

Summary: Kurt’s in New York and he’s living the dream! Though there’s one thing missing in this dreamlike reality: Blaine.

Genre: Romance/Humor

A/N: Again, this was written in a spur of the moment and in a torn page of my sketch pad. Very random thoughts and ideas. For Klaine Week 2012 Day 5! Enjoy.

*edit* someone pointed out an unrealistic situation so I edited it. :) *edit*

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