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1000 Miles by Team Lads
- Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 73 - Galacticraft Part 2 (4,292)


Video Here

Located at: 21:29 - 22:13

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Favorite Arashi PV - Everything

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Make me choose » parrilla-lana asked: Emma and Charming or Emma and Henry?

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2014.09.15 AD - Happy Arashi Day!

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s the thought of the day; come on!

"There is no value in success based on results alone.
It is the process created together with your friends that is valuable.”


Hmm, definitely. That’s it, right?
This is a quote by Japanese mountaineer Kuriki Nobukazu-san. In particular, in order to have sustained success over a period of time, it’s the friends you keep and what you do that are important. True, isn’t it?

That’s right. Today’s the anniversary… At Hawaiian time. In Hawaii, on 15th September. Well, by the time it was announced in Japan, the date had changed, it was the 16th…

But it’s been 15 years since we formed. Man, that was 15 years ago! I was 18! (laughs) 18 years old! Eh, seriously?

Man, at the time, I hated it! Everything. (laughs) Man, I hated it. I mean, it was beyond my wildest imagination, all of it. I didn’t understand what was going on. I was restless.

In Hawaii… We got on the boat and there was a flag and press con and a ton of reporters. And then I guess we did some interviews… If I remember correctly.

To be honest, I don’t really remember what happened in Hawaii. I only had an impression of there being a press con. Mm. We didn’t sing or dance. And then, um, that’s all I remember.

I mean, I’d only heard that I was going to Hawaii one week before. I mean, it was fairly, well… Go to Hawaii, they said. I was thinking of quitting at the time, so I figured I might as well enjoy Hawaii first. I thought that was the best reward ever! (laughs) So that’s the sentiment that I went with. Mm. Certainly.

And then well, it turned out to be work. (laughs) But man, seriously, it’s been 15 years since then. Like well, the 5 of us all got on the plane together, but before that, we’d all been doing separate things. So like we weren’t supposed to let the reporters know that. So I remember we had to hide that. I remember we were practically sneaking in. (laughs) I was wondering why. (laughs) Mm, I remember that.

But man, truly… you’ve come with us a long way, you fans! You must have been thinking, these guys are hopeless at the start, right? (laughs) Having lasted 15 years - that’s all thanks to you guys, seriously. Yeah.

Well, from now onwards, we’ll age year by year and ripen so the flavour comes out. So please support us! (laughs) Seriously. (laughs)

Let’s aim for 15 years for this radio show too! It’s already been 11, what, it’s the 12th year? That was fast. It’s been catching up with me, huh? (laughs) Even if it hasn’t been, it feels like it has! Let’s do something on the 15th anniversary. (laughs) Let’s do something. Mm.

So folks, please keep listening. I ask your favour, please!

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi!


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You guys are great. Thank you for the kind words. <3


You guys are great. Thank you for the kind words. <3

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"We are standing here now, able to shine because you are all here.
The five of us will be here, forever." - 5x10, 嵐

15周年、おめでとう! (´ ▽`).。o♡
Happy 15 anniversary, Arashi!
Thank you everything. For the music, for the encouragement, hope, joy, & happiness, for teaching us that friendship is a great thing. Basically, thank you for everything you guys have given and taught us.
Words cannot explain how much we all love you.

I will continue to support you guys forever. ❤

x x x x

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→  Happy 13th Anniversary, S.H.E!

of course, my favorite

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