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Let's Wait Awhile (Glee Cast Version)
Glee Cast - Glee: The Music, Tested (28,340)

Let’s Wait Awhile (Glee Cast Version)

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graham & hook treating emma’s wounds (requested by greenhattress)

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Perfect characters are profoundly boring to me because they are profoundly unrealistic. Give me characters who make mistakes and bad choices because we can see them learn and grow. And that’s who Hook is—he’s imperfect; he’s human. And humans screw up. I’m not saying I enjoyed watching Hook slide back into old habits, but I did feel like it came from a believable place. Everything he did in this episode was consistent with who we know him to be as a character; I understood all of his motivations, and so much of that came from what I think was Colin O’Donoghue’s best work on the show to date.
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Think furnace with wings

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It’s not true love until someone is cursed.

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roosterteeth meme: [1/4] quotes → geoff in rt ten year retrospective

"This has been a dream come true. And the fact that I get to wake up every day and go to a building and work with the coolest people on the planet that I’m lucky enough to be able to call friends is an absolute joy. I don’t know how else to say it. I really don’t want to get sappy but um—I can’t imagine a life that could be more beneficial or rewarding or fun than the one I’ve been given." (x)

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Killian Jones, but most people have taken to call me by my more colorful moniker – Hook.

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Well, fight’s over. Pacquiao won which is a great thing. Another great thing is I get to eat lunch. haha