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Nino gets petted by Aiba :)

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why is there an ewok in a grocery store

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But in reality, he’s the coolest one. #buzzfeedshmuzzfeed

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Hua Mulan was a legendary figure in Chinese history. She lived from 581 to 618 AD during the Sui Dynasty, though other records place her between 386 and 534 AD, during the Northern Wei Dynasty. While the dates may be disputed, her story is unequivocal. Mulan’s father was a soldier and raised her like a boy. She not only learned weaving and embroidery from her mother, but also practiced martial arts, equitation, archery, and fencing with her father. In her spare time she liked to read her father’s manuals on military strategy. When war broke out and the emperor was calling for soldiers, Mulan disguised herself as a man and went in her father’s place. She served for twelve long years, in that time she witnessed traumatic horrors, lost dear friends, and received numerous honours. After the war ended, the emperor wanted to award her an official position, but she declined and asked for a good horse instead as she wished to return home to her family. No other woman in Chinese history has inspired more admiration than Mulan, who is considered an embodiment of loyalty and filial piety.

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I think, on the fourth photo aiba has the tattoo Arashi blast in hawaii ^^ on his right arm

sr: wb

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On Arashi’s Hawaii Concert After Party


As fans would know, Arashi members always go out together for meals after their concerts. This time after their 15th Anniversary concert in Hawaii, the band also went for a splendid dinner party on the 19th. The restaurant they went to is said to be one that celebrities frequent in Hawaii. 

The restaurant is a members-only place and they store fresh ingredients from Japan in the underground storage of a department store. The store itself is decorated with Picasso originals and feature wines from the collections of the likes of Marie Antoinette and Napoleon. It features a highly luxurious fusion style cuisine on its menu.  

Joining Arashi’s dinner party were KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya (28) and Kanjani8’s Okura Tadayoshi (29) who both watched the concert that day. Kame said that KAT-TUN would love to perform overseas, while Tacchon joked that he wanted to be Arashi as well. 

Matsujun led the toast on behalf of Arashi, and started with, “At first we disliked the name Arashi, but…” According to an industry source present, “As expected of Arashi’s ‘general producer’…he made a really great speech.”

After their concert ended successfully on the 20th, they stayed behind to film various TV programs. However, as the concert was over, they were able to relax a little and some members took time to swim in the ocean, etc. 

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 The evolution of the Final Fantasy battle system. 

My life.

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