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Day 22: how you judge intelligence

This is really hard. I actually don’t know how I judge intelligence. I never actually thought about it before because I don’t judge people’s intelligence when I talk to them, I just enjoy the talk that I’m having with them.

Maybe when I talk to someone or when I watch someone talking/presenting/explaining, I find them intelligent if they know what they’re talking about. You can see it in the way people talk if one person knows what they’re talking about and not just making things up.

It’s hard to explain.

That’s it actually, if they know what I know and they know what I don’t know and they know how to explain or say it in a good way (with confidence that makes it believable) then that’s probably it.

I don’t know. I’ll settle with this. I’m just babbling now. Whatever. Maybe I’m not so intelligent, am I? :P